​​​​Texas Petite Pies

Texas Petite Pies & Cakes was established in 2016 by Liz and Greg Davenport. Liz is a 4th generation baker and Greg a 2nd generation baker. Many of their recipes have been handed down from multiple generations.

They handcraft their gourmet sweet confections in a house built in the 40's that has been converted to a FDA approved commercial kitchen, located at 4318 West Lovers Lane in Dallas. They create all of their products with love and includes pies & cakes baked in 8oz mason jars, whole pies, pie filling, pie crusts and dessert toppings.

They also specialize in "KETO" sugar free and gluten friendly cheesecakes in 4oz jars and they are the best KETO desserts in all of Dallas.

The entire gourmet food line is created from scratch the old fashioned way with all natural ingredients. They do not believe in using any artificial ingredients, preservatives or shelf stabilizers.